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Who we are!

Megabyte is an App Development company, which focuses on developing Android and iOS applications. We focus on turning the ideas into real products.

Don’t waste your time on thinking, share your ideas with us and we will turn them into Reality.

We help Businesses in creating quality Applications that is crucial for the growth in today’s mobile technology world around us.

Get your online presence in the form of mobile apps. Let us help you achieve it.

We Provide Best App Development Services in the market

We help businesses to enter into World of Mobile Apps

Wire – Framing

Our Professional approach in making mobile applications makes us stand out. Wire-Framing is the first step in making an app no matter what. It is the blueprint of the whole app. We Start here.

Application Development

Once the wire-frame is ready, we start executing it bit by bit. Here everything from writing the First line of code till the final debugging the app is Done. Errors & bug checks are done here.

Product Launch

After the final debugging, The App is ready to Upload to Google Play Store & Apple App Store. All the App Source code & files will be transferred to you. But We will still be with you, in case you get any errors after final sale.

Benefits of having Mobile Apps for your Business

Better User Reach

With mobile apps, you can reach your audience and potential customers in a very efficient and professional way. Unlike websites, apps are more responsive and are the only on the go option for people. Once uploaded to the google play store or apple app store, your app becomes available to people worldwide.

Offer Better User Experience – UX

Nowadays User Experience matters most in every type of website or app. Even if you have top quality products or services but if your website or app lacks User Experience then you will not stay in the market for long. I.e why Apps play a crucial role in providing good UX, which websites lack.

Stand Out from the Competition

Having a mobile app instantly make you stand out of the crowd & gives you a higher edge over the competitors. Remember, nowadays people want to shop on Mobile Apps rather on websites. Even having an app directs 1st-time users to your business.

Easy to Market & Re-target

Mobile apps are easy to market as compared to websites bcoz platforms like google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads have a set algorithm to get you more reach and downloads. Just setup ads and the rest is done automatically. Even you can Re-target the users with push notifications, alerts, coupons etc.

Easy to Scale business

Scaling a business with a mobile app is easy. For eg:- if your users base is increasing then you need to just increase the load capacity of app. Even to raise funds from angel investors, your app acts like a Portfolio of products & services. All this can be done without compromising user experience in any way.

Fast Customer Support even 24/7

One of the beauties of having a mobile app is the customer support. You can provide far better customer support to your users with the help of chatbots, FAQs, push messages, you can provide chat like experience to your users.

We offer the Best App Development Services.!

Why Choose Megabyte?

Latest Technologies

We use the latest technologies of the app development industries like ionic, React Native, Xamarin, Flutter & many more.

Beta & Alpha Phase

We release the prototype version first in beta and alpha phase so that all the errors, bugs could be found out and fixed before the Production release.

We Listen then talk

We are keen listeners. We understand the need of our clients and work accordingly. We are continuously in touch with our clients during the entire project period & update them about the progress of the work.

Complete Confidential

We take Privacy seriously. Damn Seriously! We make sure that no data leak is being done of our clients at any stage of the process. We sign Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before starting the work & everything is well documented to safeguard the clients privacy.

Quality Assured

We Assure one thing for Sure i.e the Quality of the App will be world-class, No compromises there. You will get Bang for your Buck, all the quality checks are done before the final delivery.

We Build Apps across all major Verticals

Online Learning

Food/Grocery Delivery Solutions

Online Dating



Ticket Booking

& Many more…

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